Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

HiT (Health info Tracker) is all about helping you live healthy, make healthy choices and, as a result, feel and look your best. When you take the HiT Score challenge you'll receive a score that measures how well you are doing on a daily basis, assuming what you enter into HiT is a fairly typical day for you.

The more data you enter into HiT, the more accurate your score. Take the HiT Score challenge the first time as a benchmark, then make lifestyle changes based on your Hit Score report. Repeat the challenge with the goal of improving your score each time. Soon you'll be making healthy choices as a way of life.

HiT uses an algorithm that is derived from a variety of scientific measures proven to result in greater fitness, feelings of wellness, and reduced risk for disabling disease and illness which potentially squash your chances of longevity and long-term quality of life.

We won't reveal our algorithm, however, check out the info under "What Do I Have to Do to Get a High HiT Score?" We give you plenty of insight into the choices you'll want to make to move you closer to the highest possible HiT Score. But the best way is to take the Hit Score challenge and find out what is helping you and what is harming you.

The number one way to get a high HiT Score is to enter all your data throughout the day. You get extra points for keeping yourself accountable. After that getting a high score is all about making healthy your lifestyle. Being active, choosing healthy foods, getting enough sleep, and staying hydrated are what matter most.

Other things that matter include your physical size. Maintaining a healthy body weight and body fat percentage count in your HiT Score too.

Your HiT Score is a snap shot of the progress you are making to acheive and maintain high-quality long-term health. To get the best HiT Score results it helps to keep the following things in mind.

  1. Enter accurate data and enter your data frequently during your "HiT Score Day". Right after you do it, HiT it. Your HiT Score is only as accurate as the data you enter. The sooner you enter it after it happens the more accurate you'll be.
  2. Enter data for all the core health parameters: Activity, Nutrition, Hydration, Sleep, and Body Composition.
  3. Enter all your prescription medications and record when you take them. Adherence to prescription medication is an important factor in good long-term health.
  4. Enter your weight accurately in the body composition parameter. As you may suspect, your weight, body fat percentage and BMI make a difference.
  5. Eat a healthy balanced diet including lean protein, whole fruts and vegetables and whole grains and record all the food you eat.
  6. Make sure you get enough fiber in the foods you eat and watch your sodium intake. Most people need much more fiber and much less sodium in their foods.
  7. Eat only when you are hungry and be mindful of your mood. Make sure you record these accurately in HiT.
  8. Participate in and record activities such as strength and muscle enhancing activities, aerobic activities, and stretching activities such as yoga and general stretching.
  9. Drink plenty of water, non-alcohol beverages, and beverages low in sugar or sugar free.
  10. Enter beverages containing calories in both the nutrition parameter and the hydration parameter to get the most accurate results.
  11. Get a healthy amount of sleep and record it in HiT. Not too much and not too little. Just the right amount.

Take the above hints to heart and your HiT Score will soar and your heart will thank you too.

REMINDER: Your HiT Score is calculated at the end of your "HiT Score Day". Make sure you enter all your data into HiT before midnight or it will NOT count in your HiT Score.

Of course you can, but why would you? Your HiT Score is only as accurate as the data you enter. Seeing a high score is great but if you fake the data, it means nothing for your health.

There are two ways to get rewarded for making healthy your lifestyle with HiT. Take the HiT Score Challenge. Get a score of "25" and you'll definitely get rewarded. Visit MyHiTScore.com to find out more. Another way to get rewarded it with the HiT "Members Only" club that includes a reward program. By joining HiT Members Only, when you maintain a high HiT Score you'll earn reward points that you can redeem for VISA gift cards or other rewards. Learn More about HiT Members Only. Or, visit MyHiTApp.com and check out the frequently asked questions under HiT Rewards.

The best reward, however, is when you get a high HiT Score you get a day that contributes to your long-term good health. Even better when you continue making healthy choices everyday. You can feel good that you are on track with making healthy a lifestyle rather than a once-in-a-while thing.

If your fitness device is connected to HiT, yes, your data are included in your HiT score. If your device is not connected to HiT, you can manually enter your health data into HiT so all your data can be evaluated for your "HiT Score Day".

To learn how to connect your Fitbit, Garmin Health, or Healthmate account, after you set up your HiT account visit, the FAQs at https://myhitapp.com/#faq.

Yes and No. If you enter these data into HiT on your "HiT Score Day" any data you enter for these parameters are evaluated and used to influence your HiT Score. If don't enter any data in these health parameters they will have no affect on your HiT Score. Again, the more data you provide in HiT the more accurate your score.

Ah, of course you want to know the target. Makes total sense. Twenty-five! That's the highest possible HiT score. When you HiT 25, and we hope you do, send us a picture of you and your amazing HiT Score.

Warning!! It isn't easy to HiT 25. Don't be discouraged if you don't HiT 25 on your first "HiT Score Day". Strive to get a score of 18 or higher. A score above 18 means you are making healthy choices and improving your chances for healthy longevity. As you learn more from your "HiT Score Day" experience and live the challenge by making healthy your lifestyle, you'll be armed with the know-how you need to HiT 25.

So you realized that some data you enter can actually cause your HiT score to go negative on you. That's because some of the data you entered indicate you are making unhealthy choices and getting results that are actually harming your health.

We don't sugar coat things at HiT. Unhealthy choices have consequences. These include a BMI in an unhealthy range, eating too much sodium or not enough fiber also can take points away from your other healthy choices. If you enter prescription medications make sure you record when you take them in HiT or you may lose points.

Take a look at What Do I Have to Do to Get a High HiT score? to see what works in your favor and what works against you. Remember though, it only works in your favor if you are entering accurate data and the data truly reflects your daily choices.

As we mentioned above, HiT Score is an algorithm, essentially a point system that grades what you are doing during your "HiT Score Day" based on the data you enter into HiT (Health info Tracker). We won't reveal our algorithm, but we will tell you that each health parameter in HiT is considered in the algorithm with the emphasis on the five parameters that everyone needs to consider in terms of their long-term health: activity, nutrition, hydration, sleep, and body composition.

HiT Score gives more points for those things that have the greatest impact on your health both in the near-term (now) and the long-term (tomorrow). HiT Score also takes away points based on things you do that have been found to have a harmful effect on your health.

As far as the science behind HiT Score, research and science based well documented findings were obtained from the the American Diabetes Association, the American Heart Association, the National Institutes of Health, the New England Journal of Medicine, Harvard Health Review, and other widely respected and research based affiliations. We also based the algorithm on input from several healthcare professionals who specialize in cardiology, endocrinology, and internal medicine.

For a detailed list of studies, please contact us at dot@myhitapp.com and request our HiT Score scientific support documentation.

As awesome as HiT Score is at identifying areas for improvement and pointing out risks for disease or illness in your future, Please, please, please do NOT use or in any way rely on your HiT Score results to predict or diagnose a disease or illness.

HiT Score is a one-day snap shot of your day's activity. And although you can perform several HiT Score days or use HiT on a daily basis to help you achieve your health and fitness goals, it is not a medical device nor are we at HiT medical experts.

Only a qualified healthcare provider can diagnose disease and illness and help you manage or treat a diagnosed illness. We DO recommend, however, that you share your HiT Score with your healthcare provider and other healthcare professionals. In fact, HiT is an excellent tool for sharing important data that your doctor can use to help treat and manage your health. To learn more about data sharing using HiT visit MyHiTApp.com and also review the frequently asked questions at MyHiTApp.com/faqs.